Name: Orlando T
Country: United State

“ Excellent tour with tour guide&taxi driver ”

Mister Chan was great. The best way to go about this.
My friends and I only had a limited amount of time in Cambodia. Only 2 days and we wanted to see Angkor Wat. Worse still, we were staying in Phnom Penh. I read online about ways to get to Angkor Wat and the reviews highly discouraged the night bus. I contacted the number and Mr. Chan was assigned to take us. He picked us up at 10pm so we could drive all night to get to Angkor Wat by sunrise.

It was a great choice. Mister, Chan was a great guide. He thought we were crazy with the schedule that we gave him in our limited time but he accommodated us more than we expected. He really made our trip worth the pain of having to be in a passenger van for 12 hours.

I would make only two recommendations to Mister, Chan and his associates. They should install HIDs for the headlights on the vans. This would make this trip so much safer traveling at night. I would also suggest that they get a stereo for the vans so they could connect to Bluetooth. Being in the van for so many hours is a big drag. If we could have controlled the music, the time would have passed so much faster.

I will definitely be contacting them next time I am in Cambodia. Excellent service.

Posted 2018-04-26

Name: Lamdopey
Country: Hong Kong

“ Brilliant Site Seeing Tour ”

Excellent service, friendly and knowledgeable nice driver
We were lucky to have Walter travelling with us when we were in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Walter drives safely and it's always well prepared and on time. He's accommodating too and give us valuable suggestion and advice. He not only preparing cold, fresh water for us but also some fruits for us, so refreshing.
Walter is not just taking us around, he also acts as a tourist guide, Walter sharing all the history,information, the livelihood of Cambodian with us which is a bonus for us.
He also takes to us to some "secret" places to view the sunset, the local Cambodian village for us to understand more on the regular Cambodian's life which made our vacation more comprehensive and wholesome.
Highly recommended Walter to anyone who is looking for reliable, nice and knowledgeable driver for your vacation to Cambodia

Posted 2018-03-02

Name: Jessica S
Country: New York City

“ Great Service For Private Driver In Cambodia ”

My family and I had a good experience with our driver, Ra. He was pleasant, patient and knowledgeable about the area. We asked Ra to take us from Siem Reap to Mondulkiri and then to Phnom Phen - all in a matter of a couple of days. Ra did so and even pulled some late hours to get us to our destinations. We could not have done our Cambodia trip without him. Importantly, we liked how safe we felt with Ra - there was no pressure to pay extra or tip (everything over the quoted price was discretionary). Our only suggestion would be for trips out to more remote areas is to check your gps along the route as well (if it is working) as Ra seemed to appreciate the extra information especially in areas that he wasn’t as familiar with.

Posted 2018-05-21

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